When we envisioned Florence Brewing Company, we had one clear and simple goal: to brew locally produced, high-quality craft beer and make it available to beer fans throughout Southern Colorado, and beyond! We brew the best beer in Fremont County, and while that may be a bold statement, we’ll let our beer do the talking for us!

With years of home brewing already under our belt, and after decades of sampling the finest of beers from around the world, we knew we could craft traditional styles of beer, and add our own twist on them every once in a while. We strive to recreate the classic feels and tastes that many beer drinkers already know and love.

We also realize that craft beer expert drinkers (and novice drinkers alike) are always ready for a new favorite beverage. Our vision is to use unexpected, innovative, and some locally sourced ingredients in our brews in order to create unique small batch beers found nowhere else. When combined with a cozy neighborhood setting and the spirit of community and family, Florence Brewing Company is a place with Exceptional Beer and Hometown Atmosphere. We encourage you to try something new or stick with a favorite but most importantly, to enjoy our beer while soaking in Florence and Fremont County!

You can find us in our taproom any day of the week from 11am to 10pm-ish. We rehabbed the old Florence Citizen Newspaper building, formerly the Depot Hotel. This baby has come a long way and still has further to grow! Coming summer 2022, you’ll be able to stay in a historically reconstructed Air-Beer-NB right above the brewery! We can’t wait for The Lofts at Orecchio to be ready, stay tuned for a final opening date!


In early 2021, we embarked on an endeavor that would change the course of FBC history, forever! With Hans’s acquisition of The Silver West Feedstore located in downtown Westcliffe, CO, we transitioned business models from a Brewery, to a Brewpub, and we haven’t looked back!

What’s the difference? Why, we still brew all of our own beer, but, we added in our very own commercially operating kitchen. With countless hours of permitting, inspections, brick scrubbing, brick sealing, concrete pouring, FRP-ing walls, and much much more, our kitchen was constructed by nothing short of a FBC miracle, in part thanks to lots of sweat, one tetanus shot, a few tears, and lots of help from so many of our patrons.

By adding in our own commercial kitchen, we’ve been able to give our beers an entirely new life! You’ll find a lot of our food is infused with our beer, elevating traditional bar food to an entirely new level, with flavors you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve also been able to expand our drink menu to carry cider, wine, and canned mixed drinks to bring craft beverage lovers into our space, and provide people with truly gluten free drinking options.

Come check it out and see what we have going on!

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